Management & Founder Profile

Management & Founder Profile

Senior Living @ D’ Khayangan is presented by PT. Jababeka Longlife City, especially for you, personally. Adults who want quality of life and quality of care at its best. Founded by two large companies Longlife Holding Co.Ltd., and PT. Jababeka, Tbk.

┬áLonglife Holdings are service providers, and were first established in Osaka – Japan in 1986 by Masakazu Endo. He is a graduate from Kinki University Post Graduate in Osaka, and, ever since he started attending high school, he has been active as a volunteer and also active in the founding body of the Wellness Hall Seirei. Endo San also learnt about business in Hasegawahosi. In 1986, Endo San built a company that is engaged in the business of treatment and wellness by the name of Nippon Longlife Kansai Co. Ltd. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Endo San is also an associate professor in Ashiya University in Kobe.

Longlife Holdings are committed to consistently provide health care and long-term care assistance.Thus the name “Longlife”. Background, culture and customs, as well as the convenience of high-quality body care are Longlife Holdings guidelines to ensure customer satisfaction.Thus helping the seniors to achieve their expected longevity.

Longlife Holdings will also have seniors contributing to society in the future. Currently Longlife Holdings has won 20 service points for Senior Living in Japan, 200 places for senior services at home and has had one million subscribers. Longlife Holdings are aware of the current need for services to the senior who has high standards, not just domestic, but also globally. In 2010 Longlife Holdings developed its business in Qingdao, China with the opening of 161 units of high-quality Senior Living.

Since 1989, PT. Jababeka Tbk.have continued to develop the township area of 5,600 hectares with a variety of national and multinational tenants from various countries around the world.

Now, PT. Jababeka, led by S. D. Darmono as Managing Director and co-founder of PT. Jababeka, Tbk. has complete facilities and a modern infrastructure system, with various units of housing, education, recreational facilities, and golf courses. PT. Jababeka is an independent city, with a million opportunities and great potential, with a commitment to provide the best quality service. Jababeka city has also received numerous global awards, so it has very good prospects for developing business and providing a comfortable place to live for the seniors.

Since 2011, Longlife Holdings and PT. Jababeka Tbk. have had a common vision in Indonesia, so that in 2012 they formed a joint venture company specifically for the management of a residential area for the elderly. It was named PT. Jababeka Longlife City.