Our Stakeholders

Our Stakeholders

Prof. Dr . Armida Alisjahbana Salsiah S.E, M.A.

VAT & Chief Minister BAPPENAS

We warmly welcome the concept of Senior Living @ D' Khayangan that captures, not just more business opportunities, but has also developed the social aspects of providing for our seniors. This concept is integrated holistic thinking, both by the Senior Living development and all the supporting infrastructure, so it's certainly a combination of, on one hand the market realism, and on the other hand, idealism. I think that in the corporate world, idealism is not held in high regard, but I was very happy that this side is also there. And lastly the development of Senior Living @ D' Khayangan can create job opportunities that will reduce the level of unemployment in Indonesia .

Drs. H. Samsudi, M.M.

Director General for the Social, Ministry of Social Rehabilitation

Peace for us all, In the 1980's the life expectancy of Indonesian citizens was 55 years, but now, in 2013, it is already 70.8 years. This percentage of the population is quite large, about 10 % or 23 million elderly citizens. The protection of the elderly must happen.

The law - No.1998 13 Article 5, paragraph 1, regarding the welfare of the elderly, mentions that the elderly have the same rights in society as in the national state. The Ministry of Social Services Directorate, has a goal to continuously improve the social welfare of the elderly including social services, religion, health, opportunities in the work force, the ease of using public access, and legal aid and social protection.

I want to say thanks to PT. Jababeka Longlife City for specifically being concerned to establish a conducive area for our seniors. Please note that the above services and embodiments provide health care services, access to places of worship, a counseling center, relaxation center, and the availability of health workers, social workers, psychologists, and administrators who understand the lives of the elderly .

May God Almighty continue to give us guidance and strength. Thank you

H. Toni Hartono

Second Chairman of the National Comissioner for the Elderly (Komnas Lansia)

In five to ten years time, it is predicted that many more of the elderly population will live in urban areas. Young families, who now live an urban life, are generally very practical and efficient, they live in apartments, townhouses or a house that is not too big. The husband and wife both work and the children are generally deposited in a daycare centre during business hours. These conditions do not allow the elderly to stay with their children, so that the need is increasingly being felt for Senior Living facilities, mainly in urban areas.

The development of Senior Living @ D' Khayangan is a pioneer in providing integrated facilities. The project is a business activity but it also has a social aspect in its effort to accommodate, and improve the welfare of the elderly.

When examined from time to time, the number of our middle class citizens continues to rise, possibly we are even the biggest in Southeast Asia. Therefore I consider all of the facilities to be constructed and the activities that will be held in person are a form of the social and health services that support government programs. This model is expected to inspire the region, in both government and private sectors by building a settlement for the elderly, which is tailored to the needs, culture and capabilities of the region.

The National Commission on the elderly, which also popularizes the concepts of Healthy Ageing, Active Ageing, Age Friendly Cities, Ageing in a Special Place etc are sourced from WHO. The Age Friendly Cities key is accessibility, and understanding. Ageing in a Special Place means to be able to select his or her preferred residence, and Active Ageing is believed to inhibit dementia by enhancing the spirit of life and prolonging life. By learning about the key to life and facilities supporting the elderly, I see everything is available within the concept of Senior Living @ D' Khayangan

I hope this will be done according to plan, and can be a reference for developers, and will help the gerontologists, geriatricians and policy makers, in realizing the best services to reach old age are health and happiness.

Drs. Titus K.Kurniadi

Chief Editor Magazines for Senior Citizens (1996 - Present & Former), Chairman of LLI ( Institute of Indonesian Elderly 2007-2012)

According to estimates by experts, senior citizens who are aged 60 or older, which are now estimated to number in Indonesia approximately 10 % of the total population, will multiply dramatically in the future.

In some European countries , the number of elderly people has reached 25 %. They are growing healthier, because they are becoming more and more aware of the need to make corrections to their lifestyle. Life expectancy is therefore increasing

In Indonesia, the present life expectancy is 70/72 years, (male 70 and female 72 years), and it will increase steadily. Life is more active, it is easier to find income, as well as for social activities and an average life is now more prosperous. Because people are more aware of the increasing age length, they have been investing in property, and other things like gold for their old age. They increasingly want their lives to be more meaningful, and to share with those less fortunate.

At the CEO Summit in ASIA 2013 on "Ageing Business Opportunities," many things were discussed, such as housing for senior citizens , from the simple styles, to very luxurious suites, suitable for all market needs. The need for a nursing home is now a top priority. A healthy home, with preventive health care, specifically designed for seniors. Not for seniors that are sick, but with preventative senior health services in order to keep the seniors healthy, and with activities specifically designed to meet the needs of the growing seniors life style changes.

The presence of Senior Living @ D' Khayangan project, will be welcomed by senior citizens in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Bandung and many other cities in Indonesia, and even abroad.