About Senior Living D'Khayangan

About Senior Living

The work of collaboration between Jababeka and Longlife Holding Japan, Senior Living D’KHAYANGAN is an exclusive integrated residence for seniors who prioritizes the concept of services tailored to specific individual needs.

In contrast to most residences for seniors who are homogeneous of services, at D’KHAYANGAN, we strive to meet personal needs and preferences that differ from one individual to another from everything from small things to big things like nutritional preferences and needs, abstinence , meal hours, waking hours, hours of sleep, hobbies, and the need for vitamins and medicines that must be consumed regularly.

We have a principle to strive to provide better and more proud services at D’KHAYANGAN that are adjusted to habits and comfort.


  1. Each member will be treated specifically according to the wishes and habits that are usually done in the previous house.
  2. D’KHAYANGAN is currently the only residence for seniors who have a backyard of a world-class Golf course, so that seniors who have a hobby of golf will be able to enjoy a hobby of golf or enjoy the green scenery and the golf course at any time. .
  3. There are Momiji Japanese restaurants with authentic Japanese flavors, so it will certainly be very pleasant for seniors who like the taste of Japanese food.
  4. For senior members who still want to work, we try to provide a means to channel their abilities, for example for residents who have the ability to paint, we will provide a place to channel these abilities to be taught to interested people from the surrounding environment, where fees are obtained, even though they are not commercial, can be enjoyed by members.
  5. Being in a location with clean air, low pollution, so that it is good for the health of the seniors (in an area of ​​more than 80 ha of green and leafy golf courses).
  6. It has very complete facilities ranging from sports facilities, hobby distribution facilities, means of channeling work interests, health advice, entertainment facilities, tourist facilities, facilities for families and grandchildren who come to visit.

Benefits of staying at D’KHAYANGAN

More Controlled Health Monitoring
The D’KHAYANGAN team consists of experts who have been experienced and specially educated both from local staff and in the form of knowledge transfer from Long Life Japan to be able to provide health care and supervision for elderly members.

There are nutritionists who are tasked with keeping the food that is eaten in addition to delicious also contains adequate nutritional value and in accordance with each individual’s needs, as well as health supervision of Senior members, for example by controlling blood pressure regularly.

We also provide doctors who can help solve health problems for members for certain health problems, while for emergency conditions, our team is ready for 24 hours to deliver and provide assistance to be directed to several nearby hospitals.

Get a Special Design Place for Senior Citizens
The room has also been specifically designed so that it is safe and easy to use by Senior members. For example with the electric reclining bed that will make it easier for members to get the most comfortable and safe sleeping position for spinal health.

Nurse call system that allows members to call room service, as well as detailed aspects of room layout and lighting that are specifically designed to facilitate and provide comfort for Senior members.

Longer Life Expectations
With a variety of positive activities and designed to maintain physical and mental fitness, it is hoped that physical health and mental health of the occupants will be more awake, leading to a longer life expectancy for residents.

Is a Gift from posterity to provide more optimal care
Staying at D’KHAYANGAN can be the best gift from grandchildren to their parents or grandparents to get a healthy living environment, with health conditions that are always monitored, comfortable, and fun and proud.

Emergency Health & Condition Facilities

Available doctors and nurses who are ready and responsive to serving the needs of senior members. There are also many international hospitals in the Jababeka area, where during an emergency, our team will be ready for 24 hours to deliver and provide assistance at the nearest hospital. Some alternative hospitals in Cikarang include:

  • Siloam Hospital
  • Omni Hospital
  • Harapan Keluarga Saki House
  • Hosana Medica Hospital
  • Mitra Keluarga Cikarang
  • Permata Keluarga Hospital
  • And many more

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