Senior Tour to Tanjung Lesung

Healthy and fun tours for seniors with Caregiver assistance, Tour 3 Generasi with fellow seniors and with children & grandchildren. Selected tourist destinations have facilities that are friendly to the Senior.

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Welcome to Senior Living D'KHAYANGAN

About Senior Living in Dream

The work of a collaboration between Jababeka and Longlife Holding Japan, the Senior Living D ‘Khhayangan is an exclusive integrated residence for seniors who prioritize the concept of services tailored to individual needs specifically. In contrast to most residences for seniors who are uniform in service, at D’Khayangan, we try to meet personal needs and preferences that differ from one individual to another from everything from small things to big things like nutrition and nutrition, taboo, hours meals, waking hours, hours of sleep, hobbies, and the need for vitamins and medicines that must be consumed regularly. We have the principle to try to bring the habits and comforts that are obtained at home to be able to also be obtained at D’Khayangan. (Read more… )


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The ”Good Feeling” concept can create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, while maintaining and protecting seniors, seniors interests and helping to develop pride, respect and dignity for the seniors who are capable of providing satisfaction for themselves

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