Membership Package

  • There is a choice of packages for single or couple packages (husband and wife) that are more efficient, as well as the choice of occupancy in the form of units in the form of apartments or villas. Our fee is the LIFETIME package fee (from the age of 60 to lifetime) and is a lump sum fee paid in advance with a refund of 50% when there is a risk that the member dies at any age. With this scheme, the earlier it joins the cost per day becomes cheaper. As an example illustration calculation, for single members in the table below, when joining at the age of 60 years assuming age reaches 90 years, then the cost of living is Rp. 142 per day (including eating 3 times a day), whereas if you join at the age of 70 and have ages up to 90 years then the cost will be only Rp. 217rb / day per day and so on.
  • The cost per day is much lower than the hotel, but has the same facilities as a hotel. The price could changes every time. Contact our marketing right now before prices go up, units are limited.


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