Independent Program

Independent Program

Planned and integrated, self-contained programs offer organized activities on a regular basis and special events for seniors categorized to be performed during the activities of daily living, and applied independently.

Regular Activities

  • Full breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Body Health (Morning Bath and Afternoon Bath
  • Tea Time
  • Sports: Gymnastics, Yoga, Chess, Table Tennis, Reflexology, Tai Chi, Jogging, Yoga, Healthy Heart Gymnastics, Special gymnastics for seniors, Cycling, Swimming, Golf, etc.
  • Hobbies (Flower Arranging, Painting, Cooking, Dancing, Gardening, Salon, Botanic Gardens, Knitting, etc.)
  • Travelling or City Tours (Tours to the Museum, Beach Party, Shopping, etc.)
  • Social Activities (Social Service, Teaching, learning etc.)
  • Family Visits
  • Entertainment (Karaoke, Show Time, Piano, Watching TV / movies, reading books, etc.)
  • Sharing (Sharing experiences and stories about life, and on the job experiences, family, spiritual and other news)
  • Health Consultation (Check Vital Signs, Counseling and Health Screening)
  • Health Spiritual (Spiritual): inside and outside Senior Living (Prayers: Islamic , Prayer, Mass, Lord’s, etc.)
  • Dinner & Gatherings (Garden parties, Cultural parties, Birthday parties etc.)

Spesial Events

  • Family Gatherings for Members
  • Major Religious Celebrations: Chinese New Year, Christmas, Eid ul- Fitri, Eid al- Adha, Nyepi, etc.
  • Travelling / Leisure (Out of City / State ) – Optional
  • Social Activities: Blood Donors, Philately, etc.
  • Competition / Tournament Sports: Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Chess, etc.
  • Festivals: Kartini Day, August 17, Heroes Day
  • Tree Planting
  • Health Seminars
  • Sports, Gymnastics for Osteoporosis
  • Parties: Dinner Parties, BBQ Parties, Costume Parties, Dance Parties, Karaoke, etc.
  • Spiritual activities: Worship Together in church, or a temple, or mosque, etc.


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