Solutions & Benefits

Solutions & Benefit

  • 1

    No hassle with home affairs

    Seniors do not have to bother about the affairs of daily home care, such as: Electricity, water, telephone, safety, environment, etc.

  • 2

    Positive interaction

    Seniors can interact with their fellow members, with the interaction based on hobbies, background, experience, religion, language and customs.

  • 3

    Activities are arranged daily

    The seniors are not lonely, they don’t feel stuck or useless, because every day is filled with activities that are conducive to seniors.

  • 4

    Healthy eating style

    The seniors will be getting a health-oriented diet and it will always be interesting.

  • 5

    Meaningful social style

    The availability of the means to actualize themselves to help others, such as: teaching, freelance consultanting, and social activities.

  • 6

    Positive self -actualization

    The availability of the means to actualize themselves possibly by re-starting an old hobby that has not been been used for year, such as: batik, knitting, playing music, dancing, gardening, making ceramics etc.

  • 7

    Maintaining harmonious family relationships

    No troublesome children, grandchildren, or families with limited time and abilities, because in Senior Living @ D’KHAYANGAN there is available support from dedicated professionals in the field of nursing , medical (doctors), good feeling and hospitality who are ready to help at any time. However, every month or on demand, there should be visits to the family home or otherwise, visits by the family, children and grandchildren, to Senior Living @ D’KHAYANGAN.

  • 8

    Tune in to the life style

    Support facilities such as a spa, fitness, tai chi, reflexology, massage, salon, internet access, watching tv / movies together, gatherings seniors parties, traveling / touring with other members.

  • 9

    Payment scheme

    Happy life assurance for your old age with our one payment scheme.